The end of an era - a maternity session with your first born

February 02, 2016  •  1 Comment

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Carrie is patiently awaiting the arrival of her second little girl, who is due to arrive into the world any day now. A couple of weeks ago she came to visit me with her gorgeous two year old, Lila, so that we could record this time in their lives.

Carrie admitted that with the help of her sister she had tried to take some photographs of herself, but she wasn’t pleased with the results and didn’t have her face in any of them, but she was really keen to have a visual memoir of this time in her life.

When we first talked, we discussed recording her magical baby bump, the wonder of her body, growing this tiny delicate new being inside her. Lila and her dad were away at the time, visiting their family in Peru, and when we first started to plan the session, to take place in the ideal time frame for a maternity session of between 30-36 weeks, it was for Carrie alone. However fate played it’s hand and for a variety of reasons that didn’t end up being the case, we ended up waiting until after Christmas and the New Year to have the session, and I’m so glad we did!

Having Lila at the session gave it a different dimension… most usually, a maternity session is either all about the mum(to-be), or will involve a few photographs with the whole family. Due to timings, Carrie’s husband was unable to join us (we’ll have to make up for that during their newborn session!), but we were given an opportunity to really focus on that very special bond between Carrie and Lila, and capturing them together reminded me of those last few weeks I spent with Tilly before Zac arrived in our own lives – of how we used to spend so much time together, just the two of us, in a way that we don’t as often get the chance to now.

Welcoming a second child into your family is a truly wonderful occasion, and, in spite of how much I worried before Zac arrived, now that my two are a bit older I am really starting to see how much joy they bring each other and that they relish each others company and appreciate having a permanent play mate. But those precious last weeks with your first born are also so very poignant – your family is going through such a significant shift - the end of an era, but the start of something equally remarkable. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to capture a snippet of this time for Carrie and Lila – and I hope it will help them keep hold of those memories for many years to come.


Are you expecting a baby in 2016? A maternity session is a fantastic add on to your newborn package so that you can remember this special time in your life. Contact me to book your session.



Pauline Potter(non-registered)
Beautiful photos of Carrie and Lila, so nicely done, and they actually "look like" both of you!
I have forwarded details on to my daughter who is expecting her second baby in June.
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