2015 Project52- week 7 Theme:Pastel

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

These two, they've got such a bond. Nanny likes all the things that I'm not so keen on - the things that 5 year old girly-girls seem to love - barbies, my little ponies, watching endless shows and pink. They can sit in her room for hours, playing and chatting and having a lovely old time... she's got an endless patience for doing those exact things that I struggle to stay focused on.


Nanny lives in Brisbane, and while in the past that was just a short skip hop and a jump up the coast for us, these days, since we've moved back to England, it's the other side of the world. She's been visiting us since November but in a couple of weeks she's going home, and I'm all too aware as each day goes by that my big girl is going to have to manage yet another big goodbye, and my heart hurts and I get a huge lump in my throat for her when I think about it.



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