2015 Project52- week 3 Theme:Light

January 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This morning she experienced the coldest temperature she's ever felt in her five short years. 

We've managed to dodge harsh winters ever since she was born into the warmth of a Sydney springtime, before travelling around the world in eighteen months of perpetual summer, and living in Southern California where the sun rarely goes away. So now that we've moved back to Surrey, this British winter is quite the novelty for my little sun-worshipper, and in spite of her complaints that she's bored of waiting for the snow now, she is fascinated by the crisp white grass, the puffs of hot air produced by her breath and the red stinging freeze on the tip of her nose. And she'll hesitate in wonder each morning before she climbs into the car to head off to school.... this morning she said the glow of light was stopping her from leaving - who am I to argue, after all, who wouldn't want to spin carelessly in such beautiful light as this?








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