2015 Project52 - Theme:Fresh

January 11, 2015  •  1 Comment

Probably my most consistent piece of advice I offer when people asked me how to improve their photography is to undertake a project. There are several different options out there, from a 30 day challenge where you receive a theme a day to photograph to the P52 photograph a week to the 365 project where you make and post one photograph a day for a whole year.


My first foray into the photography project world was several years ago when I took part in a 365 project - while taking a photograph every day proved quite a challenge while i was still getting myself accustomed to the early days of motherhood, it also proved to be an amazing year for my photography and I learned so very much. 


Art never stands still, and as such, the desire to grow and develop doesn't die once you've moved your photography skills into the professional domain. I continually strive to learn new methods, critique my work and challenge my perspective. I've rarely, if ever, stumbled upon a photographer who fell into this field without a burning passion for capturing the light, and so this development is driven not only by professional necessity but also by a yearning for personal growth. These days my photography project preference lies with a 52 week project... an opportunity to carefully ponder a weekly theme before putting it to action and making a memory. Last year I took part in the My 4 Hens P52, frequented by amateurs and pros alike, an inspiring set of participants with a friendly forum and above all an acceptance that you may skip a week here and there when your professional commitments or general hectic of daily life takes over. This year, again, I have decided that I will take part in this same project.


So here we are, kicking off week 1 with the theme 'Fresh'. 

1/52: Fresh - clean, crisp and twice as nice with a freshly cut slice.

It took me a while to work out where I was going with this - maybe it's just the new year thing, maybe I'm in a bit of an artistic funk but then it struck me that all my ideas were just feeling a bit overly complex or cluttered for a theme like fresh.



I was all set with my limes for my 'fresh' submission this week, and then this happened.... can't really get much fresher than my squeaky clean boy, still covered in suds.




Jennifer Line(non-registered)
Such a cute photo! Love the composition too.
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