52 week project - Week 9: Colour Blind: Suzi Bowles Photography

February 28, 2014  •  1 Comment

I struggled to choose just one image this week so I've ended up settling on two, very different entries.


Who do you look like my husband asks repeatedly as he stares intently into his face. 'I'm Zachy' I reply on his behalf. Depending on which parts of his face are visible, he's a different family member - he's a perfect mish-mash of our combined family histories - he is his uncles, his grandparents, his big sister and his cousins. But most prominently he is his mummy and his daddy, which makes me smile, because while his big sister is all daddy, I love seeing that little bit of me gazing back.



The magical moment when they were no longer colour blind as to the gender of their baby-on-board.
Everyone took a bite of their pink or blue cupcakes to reveal the colour in the middle which would confirm whether Matty would be getting a little brother or sister. I love mum's excitement as she sees the inside of her cake, while she's waiting for big brother to announce to the room 'It's a girl!'
Keep a look out for some more images from this session on my blog soon. I'm also going to be posted the images from the last few weeks that I am a bit behind on sharing here.


Beautiful baby Zac...those eyes look soooo mischievous X
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