Look who's three months old: Suzi Bowles Photography

January 30, 2014  •  2 Comments

In good mummy and equally good photographer practice I had decided that I would photograph Zac today to mark his 3-month birthday. One day I will learn to follow my own advice though, and wait until the very last minute to dress my children in the clothes that I want to photograph them in... 

All initial plans were thrown out the window and we had a more impromptu session post clean-up bathtime... inevitably in my eyes the end result is no less cute for the lack of planning! I'm revelling in the time I'm taking out from my business to give my little family my full attention at the moment - every gummy little smile and belly giggle is so rewarding. I find it hard to believe how quickly baby number two seems to grow and I'm holding onto every precious moment tightly in the camera of my mind. 




Suzi Bowles Photography
Thanks Debbie - he is perfect! It's all going well, and while he does look like Tilly as a baby at times he is also very different too.
Oh Suzy he is gorgeous - how is it all going? He looks just perfect. Does he look like Tilly did as baby? X
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