Introducing baby Clara: Newport Beach baby photography

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Baby Clara was booked in for a newborn session, but after an early arrival and several weeks dealing with health issues, she was three months old before I was able to head up to Newport Beach to meet her and her beautiful little smile. I'm glad to say that she is doing much better now, and was an absolute delight to photograph. 

Three month olds get a bad press in the photography world - they no longer have those cute curly reflexes that newborns do (newborns are best photographed between 4-10 days new) but they're not sitting up or mobile yet so they don't 'do' much. But personally, I love this age - they're not mobile enough to attempt to escape, but they are so alert and curious about their surroundings, trying to talk and interact with their family and the camera too. Clara has the biggest eyes, and pulled the most amusing expressions as she watched what was going on and chatted away to us - it made for a great session! She even fell asleep for fifteen minutes (of the three hours I was there!) so that I could see those amazing eyelashes properly.

With a French mum and an English dad (who grew up minutes away from my hubby and I, by coincidence), and born here in Orange County, California, Clara is sure to have an eclectic influence to her life.  You can see mum and dad's maternity session here too. 


3 month old baby photography

3 month old baby nest photography

three month old baby girl in basket

three month old photo session baby on bed

three month old photography baby girl talking to dad

3 month old baby girl with mum

three month old baby girl sleeping beautiful eyelashes

three month old session family pose


Newborn and young baby sessions are held in the comfort of your own home - if you would like to book a session, please contact me as early as possible into your pregnancy to ensure I have availability. 


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