I'm an intuitive photographer; I love finding the magic in human emotion and connection and recording it through beautiful photography.


I use natural light and meaningful locations for my sessions - you won't find me in a studio or under artificial lights because for me, that's not what it's all about. I love taking photographs, capturing real moments, glimpses of ‘that time when’ and all the delicious little details that surround it and make it a trigger for all those memories to flood back in years to come. I like to hold my sessions in your own home, or in a place that has some significance to you; the background, and all the tiny details are such an important part of the memory too.

I’ve been a photographer in my heart forever. The magic of light and the way that it can influence what we see has fascinated and enchanted me for as long as I can remember. Ten years ago, I decided I needed to learn how to capture it properly, and started to learn photography. I took a few courses and then completed a diploma while travelling around the world with my husband and our then 2 year old daughter. After a mind blowing year of great adventure and spectacular sights, we settled in the beautiful Orange County in California and I started my business. In 2014, following the birth of our son, and after 9 years overseas, we felt the pull of family ties and when an opportunity arose we returned to England and settled in Surrey, where you can find me now!


In 2015 I started teaching photography too –  I love helping people to develop the skills that they need to capture their everyday life. You can find out more about my workshops and walks over at: www.ahappycaptureworkshops.co.uk


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